Frequently asked questions about Beat Park

Beat Park is a new concept in Belgium and therefore a very exciting challenge for us.

We are happy to answer all your questions and have already answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Once the opening of the first Beat Park location(s) and the programming are more concrete, we will share all further practical information with you.

What is Beat Park?

Beat Park wants to offer a unique "drive-in" concert or festival experience at multiple locations, where you can enjoy live performances by artists and DJs from your car. Through the years of experience of the team of organizers and the involvement of professionals in the field of safety, mobility, technology and show productions, Beat Park strives to become the reference in the field of this alternative entertainment experience.

When will the first Beat Park open its doors?

We hope to open the first Beat Park location in June. We will publish more information about dates and locations on our website as soon as possible. All depends of course on what the National Security Council will decide in the near future.

Where can we expect Beat Parks to open?

We are currently in talks with various cities across Belgium. Once the locations have been definitively confirmed and we have the green light from the local government, we will announce this. All depends on the further provisions of the National Security Council.

How much will a ticket for Beat Park cost?

Ticket prices will be determined depending on the number of dates we can organize events and the capacity of cars we can welcome. You buy a ticket per car, which will be a lot cheaper per person than an average ticket for a concert or festival.

Who is the organization of Beat Park?

Beat Park is an initiative of a group of Belgian and Dutch event professionals who have been organizing large events and festivals in Belgium & The Netherlands for years. The team is now fully expanding to offer this project maximum chances of success.

Why are you coming with this initiative?

The loss of this festival summer due to the corona pandemic is a major blow to the entire sector. Suddenly our normally crowded agenda is empty.

"Doing nothing" is not in our nature, and a summer without a music experience is simply unthinkable for us, just like for every music lover and festival goer. With Beat Park we want to fill that void and offer a creative answer.

How do you guarantee the safety of visitors and artists?

The safety of our employees, artists and visitors is our absolute priority.

That is why we have brought in a group of security experts who are drawing up detailed plans for all things concerning safety.

Why are you already announcing this, even if it is not yet certain whether Beat Park can continue?

We are already announcing this because we want to let Belgian music lovers and the entire sector know that we are fully committed to achieving this. We hope that politicians also applaud the initiative because a summer without any form of entertainment is simply un-Belgian.

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